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number of new corona19 confirmed patients is expected to be around 600 today (16th). However, group infections in various places in daily life, such as meetings, workplaces, and schools, are continuing across the country, so anxiety is not diminished.

Reporter Jang Se-man is on the report.

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a dance club practice room in Busan, 41 people were infected after the first confirmed case on the 12th.

The quarantine authorities said that club members are mostly elderly people, and that some masks were not worn during the membership registration consultation process.

[Lee Sora/Pusan ​​City Citizens' Prevention Promotion Director: A field survey showed that the area of ​​the practice room was large, with an area of ​​165 square meters, but it was found that ventilation was poor.] In

Eumseong, North Chungcheong Province, 10 children and a nursery teacher 1 11 people, including people, were confirmed.

As it was confirmed that all the kindergarten children five days ago went on experiential learning together, the quarantine authorities are investigating whether there was any close contact with the bus transfer process.

In Gyeongnam, 45 people were infected just one day, with 14 additional confirmed cases related to Gimhae foreigners' meeting.

The number of confirmed cases nationwide has decreased by 66 from the previous day and has dropped to 600 in three days, but the infection continues to spread throughout everyday life such as workplaces and acquaintances' meetings.

The number of confirmed cases in the region on average per day is 591, which is still within the range of 2.5 steps of social distancing.

As for the Corona 19 vaccination, about 9,000 people a day completed the first vaccination, and the cumulative number of vaccinations was 3.73 million, recording 7.3% of the total population.