Colonial Pipeline is said to have paid almost $ 5 million (over 4.1 million euros) ransom to the hackers who shut down the oil pipeline company last weekend.

Two anonymous sources

have informed the


news agency


The ransom, according to the sources, was paid in untraceable crypto coins.

The amount would have been paid last Friday, a few hours after the hack.

Colonial Pipeline does not say whether the company paid the hackers ransom.

According to


, after the payment, the hackers sent the company a decryption tool that could restore the systems.

But because this tool was too slow, the company would eventually have restored its own backups.

As a result, the recovery took longer.

The systems have now been restarted.

Hacker group DarkSide is behind the cyber attack and apologized.

The hackers wanted to make money, but claim that they did not intend to disrupt society.

Colonial operates a 9,000-kilometer oil pipe network that transports oil products.

The oil comes from the southern states on the Gulf of Mexico and is shipped from there to the rest of the US.