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A fine of 30 million won was sentenced to the owner of a mobile phone dealer who pulled out a sex video while transferring a customer's mobile phone data.

38-year-old A, who ran a cell phone dealership in Daejeon, was charged with transmitting a video showing the customer's face to her cell phone secretly in March last year while transferring the data from a smartphone buyer's existing cell phone to a new phone.

Mr. A's crime was revealed when the victim looked at his mobile phone and checked the contents of the file transfer.

Mr. A was later investigated as having watched the video, and the court insisted that "I didn't know it was a sex video."

However, Judge Song Jin-ho of the Daejeon District Court sentenced Mr. A to a fine of 30 million won, saying, "Some scenes of the video appear in the form of a preview."

Judge Song stated the reason for the sentence, saying, "The video in question is the most intimate area of ​​the victim."