A friend of 22-year-old Son Jeong-min, a 22-year-old college student who was found missing and dead in Hangang Park in Seoul, was investigated by the police.

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said that he called Mr. A and his father, who drank alcohol with Mr. Son just before his disappearance, as references yesterday (9th) and investigated it for more than 9 hours.

In this investigation, the police explained that it was difficult to disclose the contents of the statement, saying that it had confirmed the traffic line on the day of disappearance.

As for the part where the suspicion arises when Mr. Son mentioned "You did the wrong thing in the golden case" in the video left on the phone, it seems that he was talking about common interests by referring to a singer named "Golden" in a friendly situation. Explained.

Immediately after the disappearance, the police received a random submission of Mr. A's mother's mobile phone over the weekend to check the details of the call, and completed the forensic operation, and secured additional reports worthy of analysis for detailed analysis.