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has been nearly 20 days since Seon-ho Lee, a college student who was working part-time in Pyeongtaek Port, Gyeonggi Province, died of being covered with container parts, but his family has not yet held a funeral.

They say that this unfortunate thing should not happen again, and the bereaved families say that it is necessary to find out the truth, punish the person in charge, and to take certain safety measures.

Reporter Lee Hyun-jung met.


On the 19th day after Lee Seon-ho passed away, her sister Eun-jeong, who was worried that her younger brother's unfair death would be buried, is only grateful for the interest she received even late.

However, I would like to hear the truth about why my younger brother, who worked part-time in a quarantine station for nearly a year, started working on a container on the day of the accident, and why he was deformed under the wing of a container with a safety pin pulled out.

[Eunjung Lee/Seonho Lee's older sister: (The person who made container work for his younger brother) He never ordered such an order, he said that my younger brother voluntarily went to work and said that. That's what makes me so angry. A sincere apology

is enough

.] A

father who lost his son in his workplace, who knows better than anyone else, has no time to mourn to prevent another death.

[Lee Jae-hoon/Lee Sun-ho's late father: I don't care whether someone else's house is hurt or killed while working, and it's only for corporate profits.

He points out that the problem is the wrong working environment, where inexperienced daily workers can be put at risk at any time.

[Lee Jae-hoon/Lee Seon-ho's late father: It is a Korean civil servant who has to supervise whether he is doing well or not. What did you do, what the hell have you done. The workplace creates such a ridiculous work environment every day.] The

bereaved side is calling out that it is necessary not only to punish the person in charge of the accident, but also to stop work and special labor supervision until safety measures are in place.

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, video editing: Jeon Min-gyu)