From today (10th) to the 3rd of the following month, advance reservations for AstraZeneca Corona 19 vaccination are in progress for people aged 65 to 69.

65-69 years old, like the 70-74-year-olds who started appointments on the 6th, get the vaccine at a foster care institution.

Online advance reservation You can make a reservation by selecting the desired vaccination date and place through the website, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the local government's call center.

After completing your reservation, a text notification will be sent to your phone within 1 hour with information such as the date and time of the reservation, the vaccination agency, and the type of vaccine.

Other family members, such as children, can also make reservations by proxy if they need to authenticate themselves.

Advance reservations for ages 60-64 will start on the 13th in the same way.

Those 65-69 years old will be vaccinated from the 27th with 70-74 years old, and those aged 60-64 can get the vaccine from the 7th of the following month.