Today (10th), the number of newly confirmed coronaviruses is expected to be around 500. As the risk factors and deterrent factors have been tightly confronted, there has been between 400 and 700 people for about a month, and one of the risk factors, the violation of the quarantine regulations, is continuing. On the other hand, with regard to vaccination, which is one of the deterrents, vaccination appointments for seniors aged 65 to 69 begin today.

Reporter Kim Jung-woo reports.


Police approach the thick entrance door found in the underground passage.

[Police: Did you hear a person's voice? Open the door. Open. Open.]

42 people, including entertainment business owners, were found in 19 rooms.

In the last two weeks, more than 4,900 cases were detected for violating the quarantine regulations.

The number of outbreak cases is not decreasing.

At a nursing hospital in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, 11 patients, including nursing care workers and patients, were confirmed, of which 6 were infected while waiting for the second dose after receiving the first dose of AstraZeneca.

The quarantine authorities currently believe that the most reliable way to curb the spread of infection is to increase vaccination, but the elderly are concerned about vaccination.

For those aged 70 to 74 who started appointments for AstraZeneca vaccine from the 6th, the reservation rate until yesterday is only 26.2%.

[Son Young-rae / Head of Social Strategy Division, Central Accident Control Headquarters: Fellow citizens, especially the elderly, I sincerely ask. Senior citizens must receive vaccinations.] From

today, appointments for AstraZeneca vaccine are also started for ages 65 to 69, and the quarantine authorities have asked children and acquaintances to help with online reservations for the elderly.

The actual vaccinations for seniors who have made reservations will start on the 27th.