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new corona19 confirmed patients has come down to 400 within a week. From today (10th), vaccination appointments for seniors aged 65 to 69 have also started.

This is Kim Yong-tae.


Yesterday, the number of new corona 19 confirmed cases recorded 463, a decrease of about 100 from the day before.

As the number of inspections on weekends and holidays decreased, it came down to 400 people within a week.

However, group infection continues across the country.

A group infection occurred in an elementary school in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and the number of confirmed cases related to hypermarkets in Ulsan continues to increase.

By region, 283 people in the metropolitan area and 153 people in the non-metropolitan area, accounting for 65% of the proportion of the metropolitan area.

Yesterday, the number of primary vaccinations per day was limited to 3 due to holidays and imbalances in supply and demand, and the number of secondary vaccinations increased by 4,700.

The first cumulative inoculation is 3674,000 people, which is 7.2% of the population.

In the midst of this, advance reservations for AstraZeneca vaccination have begun for seniors aged 65 to 69 from today.

If your child needs to verify their identity, they can also make a proxy reservation.

Reservations can also be made by using the 1339 call center or visiting the Eup, Myeon-dong Community Service Center.

The U.S. Modena vaccine has been recognized for an acceptable level of prevention by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety advisory meeting.

The verification advisory group said that the anti-prophylaxis effect was confirmed to be about 94.1% in the US clinical trial results.

Based on the results of the verification advisory group meeting, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety will hold the Central Pharmacist Review Committee on the 13th to receive advice on safety and effectiveness.