The Prosecutors' Investigation and Deliberation Committee will be held today (10th) to determine whether Seoul Central District Prosecutor General Lee Seong-yoon has been prosecuted in relation to the case of the illegal departure of Kim Hak-eui, the former Vice Minister of Justice.

The members of the Investigation Review Committee will hold a meeting at the Supreme Prosecutors' Office at 2 pm this afternoon to determine whether or not to continue investigating the District Prosecutor's Office and make recommendations to the investigation team.

However, the recommendations are not binding, so the prosecution does not have to follow them.

The current lawmakers, consisting of 15 members, decide whether to continue the prosecution and investigation based on the opinion of within 30 pages of A4 paper submitted by the investigation team and the attorney of the District Prosecutor's Office.

The investigation team is known to have set a prosecution policy on the grounds that the prosecutor, Lee, who was then head of the anti-corruption and strong prosecutors at the time, had exerted external pressure to stop the investigation of alleged illegal withdrawal of former Vice Minister Kim.

On the other hand, the prosecutor's office is protesting that the prosecution has not applied unreasonable external pressure and that the prosecution is conducting a target investigation.

The results of the committee's deliberation are expected to come out this afternoon.