[Gollum] Concluding Opinion 268: What if our ancestors' graves were in someone else's land? Pay attention!

Do you know the right to the graves of your ancestors, which you find every holiday, to these graves that your descendants pay attention to? 

In particular, the right to hold tombstones, a right that has been customarily recognized even when writing tombs on someone else's land, has been the subject of constant controversy in recent years. 

If the tomb has been used and occupied the space for 20 years, even if someone else's land, without raising any issues, this tomb base has been recognized. 

If the landlord asks you to pay the land usage fee for the grave, you have to pay it from the day you requested it. SBS reporter Ha-jeong Park, announcer Kim Seon-jae, lawyer Jeong Yeon-seok, and lawyer Kim Seon-wook talked about what changed and why the ruling came out. Try to share. 

* final@sbs.co.kr: Please send a lot of questions and stories. We provide legal advice. 

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