How did you spend your Mother's Day? If you think about it, parents have always been vaccines and masks for their children. While expressing our gratitude, we will start the news today (8th) on the theme of Corona and Mother's Day. In nursing hospitals, where contact visits were prohibited, family friendships were made with glass walls between them.

Reporter Park Soo-jin came to the scene where laughter and tears crossed.


A nursing hospital whose contact visits were suspended for more than a year due to Corona 19.

I can't hold my hand or attach a carnation myself, but families are thrilled with the expectation that I can meet my parents through the glass wall.

The father, who met his child after a long time, burst into tears and said,

[Why do not cry again, don’t cry. Why are you crying.]

The eyes of the family are also red.

[Father, who did you want to see the most? Who did you want to see the most?]

Wait a minute, I'm going to make a big smile at the aegyo of my children and sing a song with excitement.

[Moon Yun-seok/Son of a patient in a nursing hospital: I think I've been there 2-3 times since last year. In the past, I came almost every weekend… It's a bit difficult as a child.]

There were places where medical staff made carnations together and made a video call to ease the regrets.

When either the patient or the visitor finishes the second vaccination of the vaccine, the family just hopes that the day will soon come to the news that contact visits will be available soon from two weeks later.

[Kim Jae-yoon/ Granddaughter of a patient in a nursing hospital: I hope that the day will come as soon as I can get the vaccine and hold my grandmother's hand.]

Outside the nursing hospital, I expressed my gratitude to my parents by following quarantine rules such as limiting the number of people.

[Lee Young-sun / Yangcheon-gu, Seoul: Before, 10 people met together. (This time) My daughter came home yesterday, and today my son came.] For the

second year, Mother's Day in Corona does not allow even the slightest happiness of holding hands and face-to-face.

Families only want to recover the former Mother's Day with the end of Corona 19 as soon as possible.

(Video coverage: Inpil-seong·Seol Min-hwan, video editing: Hwang Ji-young, photo courtesy of Bovas Memorial Hospital)