A lawsuit between two giants, Epic Games and Apple, is currently taking place in California (United States).

If the verdict can revolutionize the system of online sales platforms, it is, for the moment, the revelations made during the hearing that are of interest.

The latest to date concern the Xbox, a game console manufactured by Microsoft, reports



The vice-president of the multinational's gaming division, Lori Wright, revealed in court that the company does not make any money from the sale of this console.

“We are selling the consoles at a loss,” she said.

A practice which is, in fact, common.

Compensated losses

The companies that sell this type of product start by making a profit from the sale of the games.

Console-related revenue comes later, when components become less expensive.

However, the exact amount lost by Microsoft during the sale of each console has not been disclosed.

These losses are compensated for through user subscriptions.

These, which are more than 20 million, pay at least 10 euros per month to access GamePass, a catalog of games.


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