L City in Haeundae, Busan, which has recently been suspicious of preferential sales, has been controversial about'illegal use'. One of the three L City buildings was built as a living accommodation facility called a hotel and a residence. Illegal use of accommodations that deserve guests for residential purposes like apartments, and enjoyed various tax reductions for VAT refunds.

This is an exclusive report by reporter Song Seong-jun.

<Reporter> The

lobby of the 101-story L City Residence Building is noisy.

[Resident: Why are you doing business here? Go up and do it.]

There was a flurry between the people living here and the guests staying here.

The L-City Residence Building is a 5-star hotel up to the 19th floor, and more than 560 households of living accommodations are located above it.

However, only 180 households are in the lodging business, and the remaining 380 households are using it for residential use or as apartments for rent or rent.

It's a violation of the building law's prohibition against residential use.

As the number of residents is higher than that of guests, various convenience facilities are also occupied by residents.

In lieu of the lobby, guests are required to use the reception desk next to the elevator on the 4th basement parking lot, and cannot walk through the residents' aisle.

The sauna and gym are also available to residents only.

[L City lodging business operator: I am doing a profitable business, but I have to be noticed like a sinner. When you come to the residence, the residents beckon and swear... .] The

problem is that you can use it like an apartment and still get all the benefits.

After registering as a rental business, 7% of the pre-sale was refunded as VAT for the building, but the money returned by over 300 households alone amounted to more than 40 billion won.

[L City lodging business owners: The smallest rating is from 100 million to almost 200 million to 300 million, and the VAT for the building is refunded on the condition that the rental business is conducted for 10 years.]

Currently, if you buy and sell L City residences, you will get as much profit as the pre-sale price. Can be left.

However, it is also excluded from the transfer tax, heavy tax and final tax, and there is no restriction on resale.

Despite this, the tax authorities and local governments are not investigating the actual situation or taking measures to recover them.

[Haeundae-gu Office official: The crackdown itself was not possible because the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport gave it a delay.]

Sellers who are in normal lodging business are continuing a one-person protest with the Blue House petition for correcting the illegality.

(Video coverage: Jung Kyung-moon)