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(8th) night, a worker was found collapsed at the Hyundai Steelworks in Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do, and moved to a hospital, but eventually died. Before the shift, it seems that the machine went through a check alone to make sure that it was working properly and was changed.

This is TJB's reporter Kim Chul-jin.


A 44-year-old worker from Hyundai Steel was found collapsed in a factory at around 10:50 last night.

When Mr. A did not show up after the end of the work day, his colleagues found Mr. A, who fell unconscious on the floor of the furnace facility.

At the accident site, Mr. A's hard hat was also found.

It is said that Mr. A went to the field facility inspection by himself and suffered a change before the shift.

The place where the accident occurred was near the so-called'working beam' facility that automatically moves steel products, and it is presumed that the facility generated abnormal noise this afternoon and was caught in the facility during the inspection.

Hyundai Steel said that it has stopped working at the factory where the accident occurred and is investigating the exact cause of the accident.

[Hyundai Steel officials: Currently, we are actively cooperating with related organizations to identify the exact cause of the accident. We will do our best to prevent the recurrence of accidents in the future.] The

police are requesting an autopsy to the Bureau of Bureau for accurate investigation of the cause of death, and are also investigating whether or not safety regulations are violated through on-site identification.

(Video coverage: Kim Kyung-han, TJB)