The first week of the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games is over.

The two tech companies have been facing each other in court since Monday.

However, they are not the only parties involved in the lawsuit.

Through documents and testimonials, we learned about the business that Apple and Epic Games are doing with other companies, including Sony and Netflix.

The testimonial of Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney showed on Monday that Epic Games is paying Sony to enable crossplay on the PlayStation 4. Crossplay support ensures, for example, that PS4 players

can play


with users of other platforms, such as the Xbox, the Nintendo Switch and PC.

In the past, Sony has been cool about crossplay because it would not be profitable for the tech company.

In an email exchange in 2018, Epic Games unsuccessfully tried to persuade Sony to allow crossplay in the PS4 version of


, writes

The Verge


A year later, Sony came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčasking for money for crossplay to "compensate for the decline in profit."

Microsoft (Xbox) and Nintendo are not paid by Epic Games for cross-play support.

Apple wanted Netflix to continue offering subscriptions through the App Store

Epic Games turns out not to be the only one willing to accommodate a business partner.

Internal emails indicate that Apple made several offers to Netflix to ensure that the streaming platform continued to offer subscriptions through the App Store,




Netflix stopped offering subscriptions through the App Store in 2018 because it felt it had to pay Apple too much commission.

According to


, this was mainly because users canceled their Netflix subscription on another platform and then subscribed through the App Store.

That way, Netflix lost profit.

To hold back the subscription deletion, Apple has offered Netflix several things, such as prominence in the App Store.

Netflix apparently hasn't gotten into this, as it still doesn't sell subscriptions through Apple's digital store.