An accident occurred in which a vehicle driven by a drunk driver fell into the sea.

Today (8th) around 6:15 am, a Sonata vehicle drove by a man in his 20s at a port in Samyang-dong, Jeju-si, crashed into the sea.

Upon receiving a report from Mr. B, an acquaintance who was making a video call with Mr. A at the time of the accident, the coast guard, who was dispatched to the scene, found Mr. A who had escaped on his own and transported him to the hospital.

It is known that Mr. B reported to the Coast Guard when he was making a video call with Mr. A when he suddenly heard the sound of stepping on the accelerator pedal and saw the vehicle falling into the sea.

As a result of the survey, it was confirmed that A's blood alcohol concentration was 0.136%, the level of license cancellation.

The coast guard, who lifted Mr. A's car with a crane, plans to investigate the accident as soon as Mr. A is discharged from the hospital.

(Photo = Courtesy of Jeju Maritime Police Station, Yonhap News)