A petition to punish the perpetrators appeared, claiming that a chicken and cat carcasses with rat poison have been found in Daejeon Metropolitan City for more than 10 years.

On the 22nd of last month, on the Blue House National Petition Bulletin, a post titled "Please stop Shintanjin, who has killed cats for over 10 years," was posted.

Petitioner said, "A cat carcass was found in an abandoned house located in **ro **, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, around 5:20 pm on April 13, 2021." I was lying down," he explained at the time.

Several photos of chickens sprayed with blue rodenticide were released on the Facebook of'Animal Rescue 119', where the petition link was posted.

The chicken in question, in plastic containers and plastic bags, was placed in a location that street cats could easily access.

According to the group, a grandfather was caught killing a street cat two years ago with chicken with rodent poison, and was fined 700,000 won, but it is known that the same method has been repeated afterwards.

Petitioner appealed that "the (case) began to become public opinion through broadcasts and articles in 2015, but cats are still dying now as a result of the lukewarm investigation of the police and the disposition of the prosecution's cotton bat leaving only the learning effect on the accusation to the murderer." I did.

He added, "This time, I really want you to do the investigation very strongly," he added. "Not only the street cat, but also our neighbor's dogs and children can be exposed to this risk."

The petition received the consent of 52,000 people as of 2 pm on the 7th.

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(Photo = Animal Rescue 119 Facebook)