• Zoom "I'm not a cat": the surreal explanation of a lawyer to a judge in a virtual hearing by Zoom in which a filter was slipped

The mobility and assembly restrictions imposed by the pandemic have left curious marks. Teleworking has opened a door to privacy that was previously closed tight, and there are many anecdotes that allow us to put a smile on these turbulent times. And if not, tell it to that Texan lawyer who ended up starring in an advertisement after having to clarify, in full trial, that he was not a cat, despite the fact that the filter that he could not remove was screaming the opposite.

The anecdote of the day is also about filters and also comes from the


, although this time the consequences could have been very little graceful. A



of the legislative body began, broadcast live on

The Ohio Channel

, and Republican

Andrew Brenner

logged in from inside a parked car. However, a few minutes later the senator disconnected a few minutes to return, according to a first glance, from the living room of a house. Only with a seat belt and gestures that suggested that it was a filter.

The paradox is that the senator's steering wheel zoom occurred the same day the state of Ohio passed a new law against driving distractions.

Brenner himself has removed iron from his recklessness in a statement to

The Columbus Dispatch

: "I was not distracted, I was paying attention to the road and listening to the meeting," he has apologized, "I had two meetings in a row in two different places. I have done a lot of calls while driving, and on this video call I wasn't paying attention to the video. For me, it was like a phone call. "

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