Presented last March, the new Spotify interface has not greatly changed the user experience.

The presentation is almost identical to that of the old version, with the difference that the playlists are now highlighted.

Spotify wanted to make its application more visual, with larger boxes and more intuitive navigation.

Some features have also appeared, such as the ability to add a description to a playlist or quickly access the last songs listened to.

For some, the new interface would be even less practical than the old one.

Good news: it is possible to go back to the old.

A Reddit user explains how to go back to the old version of Spotify.

Nothing very complicated

With help from other users, XYcritic discovered that a single line of code in the prefs file forced Spotify to roll back and revert to its previous design.

If the manipulation works for Windows PCs, it is just as valid for computers running Linux or Mac.

Obviously, the manipulation only works if you have downloaded the Spotify application.

When you have downloaded Spotify to your PC, go and find the prefs file under the path C: \ Users \ [USERNAME] \ AppData \ Roaming \ Spotify \ prefs.

Open the file with a text editor application, and add the line: ui.experience_override = ”classic” to it.

Then restart the Spotify application which should then be back to the good old interface.

To get the new interface, nothing could be simpler.

In the previously added line, just replace classic with xpui.


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