Nintendo has unveiled a new game that teaches children to program their own software in a playful way.

The new


will be released for the Nintendo Switch on June 11th.

The title is only available digitally and will cost 30 euros.

Children receive seven lessons that last approximately forty to sixty minutes.

The last assignments can take up to an hour and a half.

By means of a game, they learn how the basics behind game programming work.

The game also includes a free mode where kids can program their own games and share them with friends.

Here it is possible to make all kinds of games, such as old arcade games or racing games.

'Especially a fun game'

"There is clearly an educational element in the game", a representative of Nintendo of Europe tells

"But I want to emphasize that it is above all a fun game."

You can only play levels from friends who have shared a specific code, or be in the same room with your own Switch.

"That way, children are protected from inappropriate content," said the company spokesperson.

Switch more often for younger gamers

According to the Japanese company,

Gamestudio has been put

together with the Nintendo game makers, although the company cannot tell which game designers were involved when inquiring.

"I do recognize our way of working in the game," said one of the representatives.

Nintendo focuses more often on a somewhat younger target group with the Switch.

Earlier, for example, Labo appeared, a craft package in which cardboard structures can be combined with the game console.


Watch the Game Builder Garage trailer