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wife of the Belgian ambassador to Korea, accused of assaulting a clothing store employee, appeared to the police today (6th). It was investigated almost a month after the incident, and the victim is known to have yet to apologize.

Reporter Park Jae-hyun will tell you.

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9th of last month, the wife of the Belgian ambassador to Korea assaulted an employee in a clothing store in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

The clothes the Ambassador was wearing and the clothes sold at the store were the same product, so the employee checked whether to buy it, but the Ambassador's wife, who had left the store, returned after a while and assaulted the employees.

On the 22nd of last month, as criticisms poured out after the incident, the Belgian ambassador apologized on behalf of his wife, saying, "Your wife has been hospitalized with stroke symptoms."

As promised, this afternoon, the ambassador's wife appeared to the police.

Police said they could not confirm "the ambassador's wife's statement" and said today's investigation will be the final summons investigation.

He also said that it is difficult to confirm whether or not he has "given his immunity privileges" at the current stage of investigation.

[Seung Jae-Hyun/Research Fellow, Korea Criminal Policy Research Institute: This is the first purpose of the multilateral treaty. This privilege is not used unjustly, but for the purpose of promoting friendship between the two countries and for the effectiveness of the diplomat's performance... .]

If you do not give up your immunity privilege, you will not only be punished by criminal punishment,It is also difficult to file a civil suit.

The best situation is to apologize for the victim, but the victims said that they have not yet received any apology from the ambassador's wife.

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