Brazilians can again pay via WhatsApp, Facebook CEO David Marcus writes on Twitter.

The chat service first released its WhatsApp Pay payment service in Brazil last year, but the service was blocked by the country's central bank a few days later.

That blockade has since been lifted.

Now, after India approved the service in November, Brazil is the second country in which people can use WhatsApp Pay.

The service allows people to transfer money to others through a chat window.

The service will be released in the country in phases.

Brazil's central bank shut down the service last year to "ensure healthy competition" in the mobile payments market.

After the decision, Mastercard and Visa had to block transactions via WhatsApp in Brazil.

If they didn't, they could count on fines.

In March of this year, the central bank said it did not want to block WhatsApp permanently.

The bank wanted to be sure that competition and user privacy would be safeguarded.

That turned out to be the case, after which WhatsApp got the green light to release the service after all.

In the meantime, Brazil's central bank also has its own payment service. With this free service, Pix, individuals and companies can pay each other. Only people are allowed to send money to each other via WhatsApp Pay.