Facebook's independent supervisory board decided that Facebook was in its right when it suspended former US President Donald Trump from the platform.

According to the council, Trump violated the network's rules in early January, making the ban legitimate.

Still, Facebook has to consider the suspension again, because the punishment was too arbitrary.

Trump's Facebook account was blocked in January following two messages he posted after the storm on the US Capitol on January 6.

Facebook said his posts called for "a violent uprising against a democratically elected government."

The Facebook Oversight Board says after completing its investigation that Trump has "seriously violated" Facebook's rules.

Also, according to the council, Trump had "created a situation that could pose a serious risk of violence."

Due to the serious nature of the violations and the continuing risk of violence as a result of the messages, Facebook was allowed to suspend the account, according to the Oversight Board.

But the supervisory board says it was inappropriate for Facebook to impose an indefinite suspension.

"It is not permissible for Facebook to ban a user from the platform indefinitely, without criteria as to when and whether the account will be restored."

Therefore, the supervisory board has asked Facebook to review the penalty to determine an appropriate, final penalty.

"This punishment should be based on the seriousness of the offense and the prospect of future harm."

Facebook is given six months to do this.

Decision of the council has already been postponed

The Facebook Oversight Board was established at the end of last year to assess whether messages and accounts on Facebook have been properly deleted.

This council has the final say, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg cannot interfere either.

On January 21, it appeared that the supervisory board would consider Trump's suspension.

Normally it takes 90 days to reach a decision, but this time the case was postponed to process the more than 9,000 messages sent in.

Anyone who wanted could submit their opinion.

Trump was banned on multiple platforms in January.

His account has been permanently closed on Twitter.

In addition, YouTube decided that Trump could no longer post videos for the time being.