With the spread of Corona 19 in Korea seldom declining, the number of new confirmed cases today (6th) recorded the second half of the 500 range.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters (Bangdaebon) announced that as of today's 0 o'clock, the number of new corona 19 confirmed cases increased by 574 to 125,000,519 cumulatively.

It dropped 102 people from yesterday's (676) and fell below 600 again in one day.

Based on the 500 people, it has been two days since the last 4 days (541)

Although the number of confirmed cases has decreased somewhat, it is difficult to say that the spread of the disease has declined as the effect of the decrease in the number of holiday tests on Children's Day yesterday is partially reflected.

When looking at the path of infection of new confirmed cases, local outbreaks were 562 people and overseas inflows were 12 people.

The number of confirmed cases estimated to have been infected in the community was in the mid-500 range, down 89 from yesterday (651).

Looking at the recent outbreak of confirmed cases, the '4th outbreak' warning sound is sounding as sporadic daily infections follow in various meetings, workplaces, schools, and multi-use facilities.

From the 30th of last month to today, the number of new confirmed cases that occurred in the last week was 661 → 627 → 606 → 488 → 541 → 676 → 574 daily.

During this period, 400 units were numbered 1, 500 units were numbered 2, and 600 units were numbered 4 times. 

(Photo = Yonhap News)