A ceremony was held today (5th) morning of 22-year-old Son Jung-min, a college student who was found missing and dead in Hangang Park in Seoul.

About 20 people, including the bereaved family and friends of the deceased, attended the ceremony held at the Seoul St. Mary's Hospital in Seocho-gu, around 8:20 am today.

The parents of the deceased, who had been protecting the slums, cried.

Son Jung-min's friend mourned, "Jung-min was a good friend who cares for others."

Father Son Hyun (50) said, "My dad heard what my friends think of you. I lived to get a guy like that. I always thought you were a gift. The time you came to my family was short, but you gave a lot of things and life was like that." And let me know that it's worth it."

The Ungu procession moved to the nearby Jamwon Cathedral and held a funeral mass.

Father Son Hyun wrote on his blog this morning, "The unbelievable things that have been going on since last Sunday will close the first game... Jung Min-i's school friends have been here all four days. I didn't know my son's companionship activities, and no one talks to me. When I wasn't, the first thing I saw was that many people thanked me for talking to me, and I thought that my son lived well.”

Son expressed his gratitude by introducing character gifts from his son's friends and a consolation letter from an anonymous citizen.

The Cheong Wa Dae national petition, which began on the 3rd to reveal the signature of Son Jung-min, obtained the consent of about 309,000 people as of noon today.

(Photo = Yonhap News)