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The landing of the Israeli writer

Leigh Bardugo

in Spain was


. Recognized for her works of juvenile fantasy, the first part of her

trilogy Grisha


Sombra y Hueso

, reached our shelves in 2013 from the Hidra Editorial, just one year after its publication in the United States.

The story begins in Ravka, an imaginary country with clear reminiscences of tsarist Russia

, where certain people have powers that allow them to manipulate the elements, which does not prevent the world from being divided in two by a huge barrier of perpetual darkness plagued by monsters.

Sombra de Hueso

is also the name of the new Netflix fiction - a mix of the

Grisha trilogy

and another series by the author,

Seis de Cuervos

-, the same one that after its premiere on April 23

has become a success among teenagers around the world.

But as happens in this type of phenomenon (let's remember

Harry Potter



), not only young people are nurtured by their large audience numbers: the production has also captured that adult audience that misses

Game of Thrones

and who has not convinced of the all of

The Witcher


The series already has a second season approved.

Composed of eight episodes of about 50 minutes, to its consolidation at the top of the

Reed Hastings

platform it

contributes that the books of the also known as


have been

translated into 22 languages ​​and published in more than 50 countries

. But the truth is that the first part of the saga was on the verge of never seeing the light. Bardugo, its author, was born in Jerusalem in 1976, but soon moved to Los Angeles, where she was raised by her grandparents. He always wanted to be a novelist, but he used to start manuscripts that he never finished, he dedicated himself to carrying out various jobs in the world of journalism, makeup and special effects. Until one day a question crossed his mind: "

What if the darkness were a place and the monsters we imagine were real

and we had to fight them in their own territory? "

From this starting point emerged the protagonist who now triumphs on the




Alina Starkov, a young orphan cartographer who, upon entering La Sombra, the barrier of perpetual darkness where monsters feed on human flesh

, discovers that she is the possessor of a power that could save his country.

But her discovery will change the political game: different forces will seek to end her as she perfects her powers and finds new allies.

The young cartographer Alina Starkov must train to control her power.

The fiction stars the young British actress

Jessie Mei Li

, in her first substantial role. Although if someone stands out since he appears on the screen, it is

Ben Barnes

, remembered for his starring role in

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

or his appearances in series such as



The Punisher

, who

has won the respectable for his role as Aleksandr Kirigan a vindictive, ambitious and charismatic general.

And although Bardugo serves as an executive producer, both were chosen by

Eric Heisserer



, creator, lead writer and executive producer of the series.

Forged in scripts such as the


of A

Nightmare on Elm Street


Final Destination 5

or the prequel to

The Thing

, Heisserer's career seemed compromised after the lukewarm reception that

Desperate Hours (Countdown) had

, a 2013 film starring the ill-fated

Paul Walker

and that he wrote and directed. But the success of his script for

The Arrival


Dennis Villenauve

, for which he was nominated for an Oscar, has allowed him to take the reins of this coveted project. The same one he presented with Bardugo at the 2020 New York Comic Con ... playing the score for

Shadow and Bone

. Not for nothing,

When his schedule allows, Bardugo plays with his band Captain Automatic in different Los Angeles venues


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