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former Vice Minister Kim Oh-soo, who was nominated for the next prosecutor-general candidate, announced that he would make organizational stability a priority when he takes office. We avoided immediate response to the demand for political neutrality.

This is reporter Son Hyung-an.


Prosecutor General


Oh-soo formed a preparatory group headed by the head of the Planning and Coordination Department of Great Sword Jo Jung-tae immediately after his job title, and began preparing for the personnel hearing.

Candidate Kim, who went to work for the first time at the Seoul High Prosecutors' Office, where the preparatory office was set up, mentioned the stability of the prosecution organization as a top priority after taking office.

[Kim Osu/Prosecutor General Candidate: If you are appointed as the Prosecutor General, it is most important to stabilize the organization.]

Explain that we will make great efforts to harmonize well with internal members to become a fair and trusted prosecutor. I did.

The controversial issue of political neutrality avoided an immediate answer by saying that he would take care of it.

Candidate Oh-soo Kim has served as vice ministers for 22 months in the past, serving as chief of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office and the Seoul Northern District Prosecutors' Office.

For this reason, among the candidates for president-elect, the correlation with the government has been evaluated as the closest, and the Blue House appointed Kim as the final candidate for president-elect, explaining the need for rich experience and stability of the prosecution organization as the main reason.

On the other hand, in the investigation of former Minister Cho Kook, he was repulsive from junior prosecutors while trying to exclude former President Yoon, and the fact that he was unable to be appointed as an audit committee due to political neutrality is regarded as a major weakness of Candidate Kim.