A 50-year-old who killed a living dog with a leash tied to a vehicle was brought to death without charge.

Today (4th), the Okcheon Police Station in Chungbuk said that it was difficult to hold A (50s) responsible for animal cruelty to Mr. A (50 years old), who tied a dog to the front bumper of a vehicle and killed him. .

Following the adjustment of the prosecutor's right to investigate, the police have the right to terminate the primary investigation, not sending the case to the prosecution if the police determine that the crime charges are not admitted from this year.

However, the prosecution may request a re-investigation if the case closed by the police is illegal or unfair.

On January 5th, Mr. A was investigated by the police on charges of driving about 5km while hanging a dog in a pickup truck in Okcheon-eup on January 5th, causing him to die.

Mr. A, who runs a dog farm, said, "I received a call from an acquaintance that the dog was tied to the car, but I forgot to drive because I was busy."

The police said, "Under the current law, animals are classified as property, so if it is unintentional negligence, criminal punishment is difficult for property damage," said the police. "Although autopsies, lie detectors, and simulation investigations were conducted, there was insufficient evidence to prove the intentionality of animal abuse." Explained.

(Photo = Animal rights group care SNS capture, Yonhap News)