▲ Korean citizens entering Chennai International Airport in southern India to board a special flight to Korea on the 3rd

172 Indian citizens returned to their home countries today (4th) on a special flight to escape the rapidly spreading environment of Corona 19.

The Koreans arrived at Incheon International Airport at 10:17 am today on a special local Vistara Airlines flight from Chennai, India.

From the 24th of last month, the government stopped direct flights to India and only allowed irregular flights for the purpose of domestic transportation.

On the 7th, an additional 211 Korean residents will return from Bangalore through an irregular flight with Asiana Airlines.

Korean residents who have entered the country are required to undergo a diagnostic test at a temporary living facility and live in isolation for 7 days at the facility, 7 days at home, etc. even if a negative is heard.

In addition, on the 6th and 13th day of entry, they must undergo a diagnostic test and confirm negative to be released from quarantine.

The government explained the reason why the diagnostic test was strengthened, saying, "The transmission power of the Indian mutant virus is so high that enhanced quarantine management is necessary.

(Photo = Courtesy of the Consulate General of Chennai, Yonhap News)