A man in his thirties who posted an article by the police telling him to make extreme choices was charged with violating the suicide prevention laws.

The Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Unit of the Jeonnam Police Agency announced today (4th) that it had sent A (37) to the prosecution with an opinion of prosecution for violating the suicide prevention method.

Mr. A is suspected of posting a recruitment post for suicide companions on the Social Network Service (SNS) in January, saying, "I'm looking for value (together)."

The police determined that Mr. A's post was illegal and harmful information, and requested the Korea Communications Commission to delete or block it.

Then, based on the information on the SNS, A's identity was identified and arrested.

It is known that Mr. A has recently stated that he has written in a hurry due to repetitive bad things.

In 2019, as the'Act for the Prevention of Suicide and Fostering a Culture of Respect for Life' was revised, a new punishment rule was established that stipulates that those who distribute suicide-causing information through information and communications networks are subject to imprisonment for up to two years or a fine of up to 20 million won.

A police official said, "If you find illegal and harmful information while using the Internet, please report it to the police, related organizations, and social media providers. Your valuable reports can save the lives of someone connected to the Internet."

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