Good news for fans of high quality sound who use Bluetooth devices.

A future Windows update should improve the audio part of the operating system.

These changes are part of the famous Sun Valley update, a real overhaul of the OS planned for this fall.

One of the major additions is support for AAC (Advance Audio Coding) for Bluetooth devices.

This high-quality format is mainly used by Apple services, whether in iTunes or Apple Music.

But also for the brand's headphones, including Beats.

However, other audio equipment manufacturers also support this format for playing high quality music.

Previously, Microsoft automatically converted AAC to SBC, a less qualitative audio format.

This addition will therefore allow OS users to enjoy a greater range of Bluetooth devices, to their true capacity.

Microsoft also seems to have reconciled with Apple over music support.

Many bugs fixed

Microsoft does not stop there when it comes to Bluetooth and Windows, it is also planned to improve the management of Bluetooth technology in general on the OS. This will fix in particular the famous bug which lists a single Bluetooth device in several audio profiles. This is because the profiles of some headsets or headphones are not the same depending on whether you are making a call or listening to music. This leads to confusion in a number of apps that think they are different devices. It can quickly become unpleasant, especially when working from home. Microsoft therefore aims to bring together and manage the different profiles of the same device in a single audio output, so as not to fool the applications.

The Sun Valley update scheduled for this fall should be significant and allow the Redmond firm to correct major bugs, while polishing the interface and the user experience.


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