Game developer Nintendo would plan to scale up the production of the Nintendo Switch again this fiscal year,

Nikkei Asia



According to the Japanese newspaper, it would be 30 million game consoles.

Nintendo itself has not yet confirmed or denied this.

Nikkei Asia

writes that Nintendo has approached several component manufacturers to scale up its production.

This is said to have been confirmed to the newspaper by insiders who are closely involved in the production process.

The reason behind the upscaling is said to be the arrival of a new version of the Switch, which supports better graphics and has a larger screen.

This too has not yet been confirmed by Nintendo.

It wouldn't be the first time that the Japanese game company has scaled up the Switch's production.

Last August, production went from 25 million to 30 million units for that fiscal year,




Nikkei Asia

calls it "special" that Nintendo wants to scale up the production of the Switch, because the game console is entering its fifth year of life.

Typically this means that the demand for a console is decreasing and production is scaled down.

Yet the Switch's sales figures are not declining.

Quarterly figures at the end of December 2020 show that the Nintendo Switch has been sold a total of 80 million times.

The game console was shipped 11.6 million times.

Compared to the same period a year earlier, this amounts to an increase of 7 percent.

Like many other tech companies, Nintendo is also suffering from the worldwide chip shortage. This makes it difficult to meet the demand for their console. Due to the corona crisis and the lockdowns that followed, demand for Switches has increased significantly, especially in Nintendo's home country of Japan.