When the late Samsung Electronics chairman Lee Kun-hee decided to give back art and real estate to society, attention is also drawn to the Mogae Island in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, owned by former chairman Lee.

In particular, the Yeosu area real estate purchased by former chairman Lee has a lot of sites where you can see the beautiful'Girls Only' at a glance, including Mogae Island, which is famous for its'heart' shape.

According to the city of Yeosu, former chairman Lee purchased 21,000 ㎡ of 6 forest plots adjacent to the west coast of Sora-myeon Gunghang village in Yeosu City in February 2005, and also in December 2006, 62,000 ㎡ of 8 plots including Mogae Island, an uninhabited island. I bought more.

Chairman Lee bought land in his own name, and it is known that he showed attachment enough to visit Yeosu with his family in person.

Mogaedo, the size of four soccer fields, is a'heart'-shaped island that became famous when it was known that the former chairman bought it.

Dadohae Island was popular because it was possible to see a heart-shaped island if you travel around this area by a light aircraft, an air tourism product.

Gunghang Village, named because it is curved like a bow, takes only 20 minutes by car from Yeosu City Hall, but it is a quiet fishing village where you can see the beautiful'Girls Bay'.

The former chairman's real estate is 1.5km away from Gunghang Village, and in the region, it is evaluated as suitable as a private villa site or as a tourism/leisure site.

In the region, the price of the land rose significantly when the news that former President Lee had purchased the land in Yeosu was announced.

A local real estate industry official said, "At one time, there was a rumor that it was developed as a corporate training center or a tourist complex, but it seems that it is not suitable when considering the size of the transportation or the site." I said.

(Photo = Courtesy of Yeosu City, Yonhap News)