Chairman of Roh Moo-Hyundan Ryu Si-min was handed over to trial on charges of defamation of Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon.

Chairman Yoo argued that the prosecution had illegally tracked his account, and insisted that the prosecutor's office was at the center of it.

After that, I belatedly apologized for saying that it was not true, but the prosecution indicted Chairman Yoo without custody.

This is Jung Yoon-sik.

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December 2nd last year, the chairman of the Roh Moo Hyun-dan, Yoo Si-min, insisted that the prosecution is tracking his account with the Roh Moo Hyun-dan through a YouTube channel.

[Ryu Si-min/Roh Moo-Hyundan Chairman: I can't tell you which bank is.

I confirmed the fact that the prosecution had looked into the bank's labor group account.]

He affirmed that he had confirmed the facts beyond suspicion, and pointed out that the prosecutor Han Dong-hoon, an aide of former president Yoon Suk-yeol, was at the center.

[Ryu Si-min/Roh Moo-Hyun-dan Chairman (at MBC Radio'Kim Jong-Bae's Eyes Focus' on July 27, 2020): It was judged that there was a high possibility that the Anti-corruption Power Department, where prosecutor Han Dong-hoon was, saw (Roh Moo Hyun-dan account). If you look at the expenditure account, this is an illegal inspection.]

This day was the day when the Prosecutors' Investigation Review Committee decided whether to prosecute a prosecutor in connection with the attempted channel A enforcement case.

The prosecution refuted that there was no account tracking, but Chairman Yoo suddenly reversed his position in January after repeating the same arguments since then.

He said he apologized to the prosecution officials, saying he believes that his claim was not true.

However, prosecutor Han Dong-hoon, who is the party concerned, filed a lawsuit against Chairman Yoo for damages of 500 million won, and the prosecution also unanimously prosecuted Chairman Yoo on charges of defamation by publications in connection with his radio remarks.

Regarding Chairman Yoo's prosecution, one prosecutor said that it was'the process of rectifying false operations and incitements', but Chairman Yoo did not give an official position.

(Video coverage: Seo Jin-ho, Video editing: Won-hee Won)