Apple's new user tracking policy went into effect on iPhone with the rollout of iOS 14.5.

This update requires app developers to obtain their users' consent if they want to track them outside of their app for advertising purposes.

A big blow for many applications whose economic model is based on advertising tracking.

To overcome this, some developers could try to buy their users, so that they allow them to collect data about them outside of their app.

A behavior that is obviously not tolerated by Apple.

On its website dedicated to developers, the American company details what type of communication can accompany the follow-up authorization request window and especially what is not allowed.

It is particularly a question of financial incentives which are not tolerated by Apple. “Don't offer incentives to meet demand. You cannot offer people compensation for having granted their permission, and you cannot refuse features or content or make your application unusable until people allow you to follow them, ”says the Cupertino company. .

Apple also forbids developers to precede the follow-up permission request with a personalized message that could lead users into error.

“People sometimes type quickly to ignore alerts without reading them.

A personalized messaging screen that takes advantage of these behaviors to influence choices will result in rejection by App Store Review, ”says the company to Apple on its site.

If developers don't follow Apple's rules, their apps could be removed from the App Store.


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