We continue to deliver news that the military is treating soldiers inhumanly for preventing coronavirus. Today (29th), a report was released that the Army Training Center limited the time to use the toilet to 2 minutes for quarantine reasons, and if it was exceeded, the assistants were raging at the trainees.

Reporter Ha Jeong-yeon covered it.


Mr. A, who entered the training center in April of this year, had to run out immediately after the timer went off even while he was toileting.

[Mr. A: Come out when it rings. Once the timer is over, tap it, come out. I'm in the toilet.] This

is because the usage time was limited for quarantine reasons.

The Military Rights Center has released a report that a regiment of the Army Training Center places a two-minute time limit on toilet use, and that if it is violated, the assistants have swear words.

The opportunity to use the toilet comes back once every 5 hours, but it is said that if the time limit for 2 minutes is exceeded, the toilet will not be available at all next time.

It also contains information that the TA even gave public embarrassment through a group broadcast when a trainee with stomach aches asked for permission to use the toilet.

In addition, only one bottle of 500ml mineral water per person per day was given, and he said he couldn't even drink it all.

[Mr. A: If you drink a lot of water, you have to go to the bathroom, but you can't go to the bathroom, so you don't drink well.]

The Military Human Rights Center requested an ex officio investigation from the National Human Rights Commission, claiming that collective human rights violations have occurred against the trainees on the basis of quarantine.

[Kim Hyung-nam / Secretary General of the Military Human Rights Center: Since we are repeatedly experiencing similar types of human rights violations, we must immediately dispatch an investigator according to the decision of ex officio investigation to see what is going on in the field... .]

[Kim Jin-tae/Army Public Affairs Section Chief: (Human Rights Commission) If you come out of an investigation, we will work faithfully. We plan to come up with measures to harmonize quarantine and human rights.] The

Human Rights Commission said it is conducting a wide range of investigations into the human rights situation in the military, from the issue of quarantining soldiers in harsh environments and excessive quarantine measures at training centers.

(Video coverage: Lee Chan-su, video editing: Park Ki-duk, CG: Lee Jun-ho)