Over the next two years, eighty telecom masts will be installed along the track to improve the internet coverage in the train.

To this end, ProRail has signed a contract with telecom company Cellnex, which will install the masts.

The contract is intended to ensure that the mobile coverage on the Dutch rail network will be fully covered in a few years' time, ProRail writes on its website.

"The number of train passengers in the Netherlands will increase by at least 30 percent in the next twenty years", says ProRail CEO Arjen Boersma.

"That also means that more people on the train need mobile coverage and internet."

ProRail says it will kill two birds with one stone with this contract.

Not only should it provide better mobile coverage for train passengers, it should also ensure that ProRail can roll out the ERTMS rail system.

This means that more trains will fit on the track, which can run faster.

Cellnex may also rent out the masts it places to other parties.

The company already has hundreds of masts in the Netherlands and major providers such as KPN and T-Mobile use them.

In addition to the eighty masts in the contract with ProRail, Cellnex may, as part of the agreement, also construct another hundred masts on the basis of ProRail.

It will take a few years before there is actually complete coverage along the track.

This is partly because people are only allowed to work when there are no trains running.