As the spread of Corona 19 in Korea continues, the number of new confirmed cases today (27th) reached the beginning of 500.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters announced that as of 0 o'clock today, the number of new corona 19 confirmed cases increased by 512, accumulating 119,000,898.

The number increased by 12 from yesterday (500), reaching 500 for two days in a row.

Compared to last week's close to 800 people, it decreased a lot, but this is likely to be a temporary phenomenon caused by the decrease in the number of inspections on weekends and holidays, so it is difficult to say that the spreading trend has stopped.

Last week and the week immediately preceding it, the number of people reached 500 for two days in a row on Mondays and Tuesdays 19-20 (532, 549) and 12-13 (587, 542). There were 700 or around 700 confirmed cases.

Looking at the path of infection of new confirmed cases, local outbreaks were 477 people and overseas inflows were 35 people.

Looking at the recent Corona 19 outbreak, the '4th outbreak' began as group infections continued in various places before the aftermath of the'third pandemic', which began in earnest since mid-November last year, even subsided.

From the 21st of this month to today, the number of new confirmed cases for the past week is 731 → 735 → 797 → 785 → 644 → 500 → 512 per day.

During this period, 500 units are numbered twice, 600 units are numbered one, and 700 units are numbered four times.