You've probably said that your face looks good because you've lost weight to someone you've met in a while, and you've gotten prettier. However, these words that were spoken like compliments can sometimes lead to unforeseen consequences. It gives the listener the compulsion to be slim, and in more severe cases it can even lead to eating disorders.

Reporter Ahn Seo-hyun reported why we should rethink our praise for appearance.


It was when I was 9 years old that I felt different from others.

[27-year-old woman:'She needs to lose weight', relatives say,'How do you get married', or from that time on,'I've gained a lot of weight differently from other people'... … .]

After graduating from school, it did not change.

[27-year-old woman: I went for an interview as an accountant, but there was a time when I was rejected by saying,'I don't think it fits our company image'... … .]

I broke up with my boyfriend for being'fat' and started an extreme diet and lost 40kg in three months.

[27-year-old woman: I was so tired of losing 40kg. But I didn't want to go back, again at 128kg. I think there was something like an obsession at that time, a diet obsession. “I shouldn't


again.” From

then on, I started to hear that I became pretty after losing weight.

But it was harder to say this.

[27-year-old woman:'Do you know and talk, is it so hard?','Are you trying and talking?' You feel a little like this, and what you are, do you say to me,'Get more out' or'Get more'? I thought this.] I

started eating and vomiting.

I had to stop my diet.

The number of people with an eating disorder who suffers from abnormal symptoms such as extreme restrictions on the amount of food they eat or deliberate vomiting after binge eating has increased by nearly 30% over the past five years.

Eight out of 10 are women, and by age, women in their twenties are the most.

[25-year-old woman:'What's eating appropriately?' I didn't know, and I think I ate right before vomiting. Since I ate a lot, I naturally gain weight. I couldn't overcome it and vomit, and I forced myself to vomit... … .]

I had both bulimia and anorexia.

Although it is not well known, eating disorders are'highly fatal mental disorders' and require specialized treatment.

[25-year-old woman. I downed the idea of 'Oh, this Duro not something I can fix it myself "because the real inde people want to live, heading straight crabs Maybe you'll want to die, that idea]

Thus, inadvertently throwing looks to mention, someone's Life can be shaken.

[Song Yun-ju/Mental Health Medicine Specialist: Many people who are receiving treatment because of an onset of an eating disorder are trying to find a healthy weight when they realize that'Oh, this was a problem!' during the treatment process. Then I pour cold water on it. Every person you meet'I got better face' or'Are you a little bit thicker?' (Let's say.)]

Let's look at the case of the United States, where research on eating disorders is active.

One in ten suffers from an eating disorder for life, and one in every 52 minutes dies of an eating disorder.

About 72 trillion won of our money is spent annually due to eating disorders.

The United States has even set up a'National Eating Disorder Awareness Week' and announces the dangers.

[Mia Kwon/Seattle Pacific University Professor·Eating Disorder Expert: (Eating disorder incidence) occurs most frequently during adolescence and during the twenties, and the reason that it is very dangerous especially once an onset occurs is because the average treatment period takes about 7 years. It can be said that prevention is so important.] You must

have tried it at least once, complimenting "You are pretty after losing weight."

However, if the compliment, whether you have suffered from an eating disorder, or whether you have suffered a sad event, or whether it is the result of an extreme diet, or if it is done in a situation you do not know, can have a different result than your intention.

(Video coverage: Kim Tae-hoon, video editor: Park Ki-deok, VJ: Kim Cho-ah, author: Kim Yu-mi, Lee Ji-yul, CG: Hong Sung-yong, Choi Jae-young, Lee Ye-jeong, Sung Jae-eun, Jeong Si-won)