Apple: the "App Tracking Transparency" feature becomes mandatory

If you have an iPhone, a consent window will appear on Monday when each app is opened.


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From Monday April 26, iPhone users will be able to choose for each mobile application whether they agree to be tracked or not.

App publishers already had the option to do so since September.

With the deployment of version 14.5 of iOS, Apple's operating system, the App Tracking Transparency feature becomes mandatory.

How does it work and what will this decision of the brand to apple change?


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Concretely, if you have an iPhone, a consent window will be displayed when each app is opened.


you answer no, or if the window does not appear, the application will not have access to your advertising identifier


a number which allows you to track you online, to follow you on various sites that you visit.

Obviously, many platforms fear that the billion iPhone owners will overwhelmingly answer “no”.

Facebook, in particular, does not take off


Its boss Marck Zuckerberg points out that many companies will no longer be able to target their customers.

However, brands pay more for finely personalized advertising.

Personalized advertising always more or less present ...

To try to limit the impact of this new policy on its revenues, Facebook has decided to disseminate its own information alongside that of Apple on the consent window.

That said, this will not completely prevent those who have opted out of tracking from receiving personalized advertising.

For example, Instagram will be able to continue to infer likes based on browsing on its own site.

The apps will also use first-hand data like age or location, but they will potentially no longer be able to exchange it with third parties, whether it's cross-checking or selling it.


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