A little more than 4% of the total population completed the first vaccination for 58 days after the corona 19 vaccination began in Korea.

According to the Corona 19 Vaccination Response Promotion Team (Promotion Team), the number of new vaccinations the day before was 64,000,344, and a total of 2.26 million people who completed the first vaccination were counted.

This is 75.4% of the government's plan to inoculate 3 million people by this month.

The vaccination rate compared to the domestic population (52 million) is 4.3%.

Of these, 13,131,996 people received the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine, and 948,000,643 people received the Pfizer vaccine.

The number of second-line Pfizer vaccinations was added to 5,769, and the number of people who completed the second-stage vaccination reached 104,538.

On the 22nd, the second vaccination of the Pfizer vaccination by elderly people aged 75 or older and those who used and residents at facilities for the elderly began to receive the second vaccination.

The average number of vaccinations per day is expected to increase to more than 150,000, as vaccinations for medical institutions and pharmacies, chronic kidney disease, and socially essential personnel (police, firefighting, etc.) will begin on the 26th.

Currently, vaccinations are being made in Korea with AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines.

AstraZeneca vaccination has been expanded to include first responders to Corona 19 and workers at hospital level or higher on February 26, starting with hospitalized, residents and workers under the age of 65 in nursing hospitals and nursing facilities.

In the case of the Pfizer vaccine, it was assigned to workers in the Corona 19 treatment hospital, and vaccination began on February 27, and the second vaccination is in progress from the 20th of last month.

Starting this month, the Pfizer vaccine is also being vaccinated against seniors aged 75 and over.

Both vaccines require two doses. AstraZeneca vaccine is recommended for 11-12 weeks and Pfizer vaccine is recommended for 3 weeks.

(Photo = Yonhap News)