SpaceX's repurposed Crew Dragon capsule docked at the space station ISS on Saturday.

The capsule containing four astronauts was launched Friday from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The capsule was successfully docked on Saturday morning to the ISS, which at the time was flying some 420 kilometers above the Indian Ocean.

The four astronauts aboard the capsule were Shane Kimbrough, Megan McArthur, Akihiko Hoshide and Thomas Pesquet.

They will spend the next six months in the space station and will conduct scientific experiments.

They replace four other astronauts.

It is the first time that two Crew Dragon capsules have been docked at the ISS.

The four astronauts who will be replaced will return to Earth on Wednesday in their own capsule.

It is the third time that SpaceX has brought astronauts to the space station.

It is the first time that the company has reused a Crew Dragon capsule for this.

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