Blue House Civil Affairs Secretary Lee Kwang-cheol was summoned to the prosecution today (24th) in connection with the suspicion of Kim Hak-e being banned from illegally leaving the country.

Suwon District Prosecutor's Office 3rd Division (Prosecutor Lee Jeong-seop) said it had investigated the secretary as a suspect for about 10 and a half hours from 10 am to 8:30 pm today.

Lee Gyu-won, the head of the Immigration Policy Division at the Ministry of Justice, and Lee Gyu-won, the then chief prosecutor at the time, are being accused of being involved in the case.

The prosecution knows that this secretary contacted General Manager Cha Gyu-geun on March 22, 2019, when former Vice Minister Kim attempted to leave the country and said, ``We will be contacted by prosecutor Lee Gyu-won.''

It is said that this secretary contacted prosecutor Lee Gyu-won at the time and ordered it with the intent of saying,'Since we have spoken with the Ministry of Justice, we can ban the departure from former Vice Minister Kim.'