What the director said after the abuse was discovered 

Director A-Teacher B's call details (in the prosecution's investigation record)

December 29, last year

-I don't think sprinkling water is child abuse, and if you are investigated, say that you acted as a disciplinary measure.

-Is that wrong? Looks like I sprayed it on the back of the sprayer's neck once.

-I didn't think it would violate teachers' human rights to run CCTV on a regular basis.

December 31, last year-It

must be said that the sprinkling of water was a joke, not discipline.

-When that dad (the victim's dad) tried to run into Mr. C (the abuser), I honestly thought it would be nice if that person hit Mr. C. Because it's an assault and it's both sides. But it was a pity that the police stopped it.

-The teacher has to go research and tell me about me. He came to the classroom and sat down and monitored. You shouldn't say you didn't ask, and if the director always taught you, I would live too. Like I'm helping the teacher.

-ㅇㅇ This mother took the CCTV screen illegally.

-Capture all the people who commented on the article. I will punish them all.

-I don't feel sorry for this mother. These mothers are ignorant of parenting.

-Mothers are 29, 31, know nothing, aren't they a good age to go to the night? Are you trying to relieve the stress of raising kids like this?

-You have to go and tell them you were wrong as much as possible. I have to say, "I love to spray kids with spray guns." He said, "Ah, I told you not to fight the water." Anyway, I can't hear the voice of CCTV.

-Before being investigated by the police, look at the mirror and practice facial expressions. It must be said that it really hurts. Say it was like a play. Like play? Is it a little weird?

Last January 11

-I (Director A) is in a position to receive administrative disposition, and I am not a direct party, and I do not want to go to the daycare center because I am not paying a salary at the ward office.

-If you change the text of the existing resignation letters to'according to the notice of administrative disposition' instead of'for personal reasons', you can return to work at a later date, so it is suggested to come to the daycare center and rewrite it tomorrow.

-Contents to discuss about newly hired child care teachers.

-I'm a little worried about C and D. 'Cause you know what i've seen. On that day (the day when the victim's parent and the police officer first viewed the CCTV), I saw the CCTV for a while. At that time, Teacher C did not just push the child, but also pull the child.

-I pulled it and pulled it to the teacher like this. Pulled and pushed back. It was too much action.

-Come to think of it, there was a thing Ms. D hitting the kids by.

-Because Dr. D really shouldn't do those things.

Last January 19

-I remember seeing ooo just crying and sitting together and saying, "Stop" next to me.

-What kind of crime am I? It's a sin that I couldn't monitor in November and December.

Director A-Teacher C's call (in the prosecution's investigation record)

December 31, last year

-I went to the police and watched the CCTV together, and there was nothing so severe and I didn't think it was child abuse, and even worse than this, it was confirmed that there were cases of child abuse.

February 18

-I don't think it was murder, robbery, theft, or wrongdoing deserving imprisonment or probation for striking children's honey chestnuts a few times and putting them on their desks.

It is unfair if we are severely punished by public opinion or social atmosphere.

Director A-Teacher D's call details (in the prosecution's investigation record)

Last January 20th



I've been in such a position before.

“Look at the director ㅇㅇ” That’s why.

Some say, "Stop it."

Because the teacher said that we ㅇㅇ someone did that.

-But, strictly speaking, we were cute, but if you talk badly, ooo this was a toy.

If you talk nicely, oooh is pretty and that's why it's like that.

When I think about it from a mother's point of view, it's sad when a child cries.

Having negative feelings.

The ㅇㅇ mom and ㅇㅇ mom talked about such a thing as emotional abuse.

That's why I'm right, I'm sorry.

Reasons for disclosing private calls

This is a part of the call from Mr. A, the former director of a national and public daycare center in Seo-gu, Incheon, who is being tried for the first trial for aiding child abuse.

On December 28, last year, a parent who considered the child's body injuries and abnormal behavior was suspected of being suspicious of the habitual abuse of 10 students, including children with disabilities, confirmed CCTV. First revealed while asking.

As some scenes of abuse were released to the media, criticism was intensified, and two out of six teachers were handed over to trial under arrest.

As a result of the police and prosecutor's investigation, a total of 263 abuses were committed in the two months just before the video remained.

At a trial held at the Incheon District Court on the 19th, teachers admitted the prosecution, but protested that "they were not habitually abused" or "it is harsh to see it as abuse."

Director A insisted that "we were not aware of the abuse of teachers at all."

However, there are CCTVs throughout the daycare centers, and high-definition screens can be viewed in real time at the director's office.

It is hard to understand that all teachers were able to routinely abuse children without Mr. A's acquiescence.

Upon obtaining and examining the investigation records submitted to the court, Mr. A's responsibility was never light.

In particular, after the fact of the abuse was first discovered, the contents of the conversation with the teachers made many remarks suspicious of the qualities of the daycare center director.

In the first place, there were strong doubts about whether they were not eligible to care for the children, or whether they were assisting them even though they knew or could have known the abuse.

It is the content of the conversation between individuals, but this is the reason for the report.

I asked Mr. A for the background of his remarks.

Mr. A said, “At that time, reports that were different from the facts were constantly appearing in the media, and it was difficult and furious.

As I talked about each other's circumstances with the teachers, the expression became rough, but I didn't mean it.

Of course, I am sorry for the victims,” he explained.

Is it difficult for the public and public ledger to punish?

Experts point out that the work environment of child care teachers can also be a factor of child abuse. In fact, in the prosecution's investigation, the teachers in this case stated that “I have complained to the director because I cannot take care of my children” or “I had difficulty in childcare because I have never received specialized training to care for children with disabilities”. However, the director, who was obligated to manage teachers and protect children, did not fulfill his responsibilities. I had to observe the real-time classroom situation on the CCTV screen and check for something strange, but I didn't.

In the beginning, the police investigated Mr. A by applying the punishment rules under the'Child Welfare Act'. Article 74 of the Children's Welfare Act provides that'if a representative of a corporation, an agent of a corporation or an individual, an employee, or any other employee violates Article 71 in relation to the business of the corporation or individual, in addition to punishing the offender, the relevant provisions also apply to the corporation or individual. It is regulated that the fine of the government is excessive.

After legal review, the prosecution decided that the provisions could not be applied to Mr. A. Unlike the director of a private daycare center, Mr. A, who is the director of a national and public daycare center, is a member of the local government, so it is difficult to see him as the'business owner' of teachers. Indeed, in similar cases, the heads of state and public authorities were sentenced to innocence in court. In the end, the prosecution applied a'child abuse aid crime' to Mr. A, and it must be proved that Mr. A acknowledged the abuse of teachers, or that he had tolerated it even though it could be easily known.

The next trial will be held on the 17th of next month at 3 pm at Incheon District Court.

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