Ki Sung-yong, a former national football player, bought a farmland in Gwangju with his father a few years ago. He made a promise to farm and bought the land, but at that time, suspicion was raised that he broke the law because Ki Sung-yong was playing in a foreign league. The police also went on an investigation.

This is KBC reporter Junho Lee.

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is the land purchased by Ki Sung-yong and father Ki Young-ok in 2015 and 2016.

It bought about 10 parcels, including farmland, and 15,000 square meters of land for 5.8 billion won.

However, in the process, suspicion of violating the farmland law arose.

The police believe that there is a high possibility that Ki Sung-yong, who was active in the English Premier League at the time, had submitted a false agricultural management plan for the purpose of farming.

[Gwangju Metropolitan City Seo-gu Office employee: (during the process of obtaining permission for farmland), it seems that the employee could not know whether Ki Sung-yong was the soccer player Ki Sung-yong or the same name.]

In addition, some of the purchased farmland is being used as a crane garage, etc. On the 13th, the Seo-gu Office ordered the restoration to its original state.

There are about 10 heavy equipment manufacturers here.

The use of the site that is not suitable for the purpose was detected late, and companies that have rented the land are preparing to move one by one.

Police are also looking into the possibility of speculation.

In just five years, the land price purchased by Mr. Ki's rich man jumped to about twice as much as '2 times the official land price and up to 4 times the offer price'.

This is because the nearby Maruk Park was selected as the target site for the private park special project and development was promoted.

In this process, 36% of the land in the name of Ki Sung-Yong was included in the project, and land compensation of 1.2 billion won was received, which is twice the purchase price.

However, former general manager Ki Young-ok said to some media that the site was purchased to build a soccer center, and that it was not for speculation at all.

(Video coverage: Kim Hak-il KBC)