Prosecutors investigating the suspicion of an investigation by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office Seong-yoon Lee's emperor's investigation notified a spokesman for the airlift office of a summons investigation. It was because of the accusation that the airlifting agency had false information in the clarification press release, and the airborne agency was in a position to be investigated before the investigation began.

This is reporter Son Hyung-an.

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7th of last month, Seoul Central District Prosecutor General Lee Seong-yoon was investigated by the Ministry of Public Affairs.

The controversy over the so-called escort investigation that Kim Jin-wook, the chief of public transport, was responsible for the reception and drop-off.

The air defense agency released a press release explaining that it was unavoidable for security reasons.

It is said that there are only two vehicles that can enter the government building, and one was not available because the rear seat door was not open for escorting the suspect.

However, it is known that the vehicle has not been modified for convoys, contrary to the explanation of the airlift, and accusations have been filed alleging this as a false press release.

The prosecution is considering whether it is a crime to write a false official document, as false facts are written in the press release, which is an official document.

At the same time, the airlift spokespersons and staff involved in the press release were notified to be investigated as references.

As soon as the investigation is over, it is expected that a subpoena notification to the final officer, Kim Jin-wook, the chief of public transport is expected to continue.

It is reported that the prosecution is also examining the contents of the charges against Deputy Minister Kim's 5th-class secretary, Mr. Kim Mo, regarding the controversy over hiring preferential treatment.

Suspicion of preferential treatment raised over that secretary Kim, who had been driving a commercial vehicle carrying District Prosecutors' Officer Lee Seong-yoon, was hired by Lee Chan-hee, the former chairman of the Korean Byeon-hyeop.

Some analysts say that the prosecution's swift approach to the case of accusation of civic groups is not the intention of checking the airlift in conflict over the case.

(Video coverage: Seo Jin-ho·Kim Hak-mo, Video editing: Jo Moo-hwan, Screen courtesy: TV CHOSUN)