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head of a daycare center, who is being tried on charges of aiding abuse, insists that he was completely unaware of more than 260 abuses confirmed by CCTV.

However, some investigation records show that the teacher directly confessed the abuse to the director.

Reporter Hong Young-jae reported.


Hit the child's head and threw the mat at the child.

Only 263 cases of confirmed abuse were recorded on CCTV over two months.

CCTV footage remained for up to two months, but that's about it.

The prosecution has recovered more evidence of abuse by recovering the automatically deleted 6-month-old video, and is expected to prosecute further.

Still, the daycare director insists that he was completely unaware of the abuse.

However, a CCTV monitor was installed in front of the head of the director's office.

What's more, the abused classroom is just a few steps away from the director's office.

A picture of a CCTV screen was also found on the director's mobile phone.

The arrested teacher confessed that he was abused, complaining about the difficulties of childcare, and said that the director was not aware of the abuse situation.

There was also an opportunity to correct it.

In November of last year, the supervisory agency, the Korea Childcare Agency, conducted a field investigation and investigated two classrooms, but the classroom for children with disabilities, where most of the abuse occurred, was omitted.

Moreover, the nursery promotion agency did not even have the authority to check CCTV.

In a survey that relied on the director's explanation that it was running well, this daycare center also received the highest rating in the government evaluation last year.

Despite this, there is a limit to asking legal responsibility for the ledger.

Private daycare centers can be charged with violating the Child Welfare Act by insisting on the responsibility of the director, who is the head of the institution, but the head of a national or public daycare center is because he is employed by the local government.

For this reason, the prosecution only applied charges of aiding abuse against the director and handed it over to trial.

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