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It was the first butcher shop to sell cut wagyu meat, back in 2004;

also in specializing in autochthonous breeds;

They turned the hamburger into a gourmet product with their Hamburguesa Nostra brand and created the first restaurant focused on meats with a large ripening chamber in sight ... At Raza Nostra, a family business of Asturian origin, they are going.

The cachopu factory, an ode to the gourmet cachopo, is his latest adventure.

At the corner of his stall in the Chamartín Market, where his hamburgers were bought years ago, there is now a glassed-in corner where

the much appreciated

breaded and stuffed veal fillets typical of Asturias

are prepared one by one

. "We wanted to make a lighter and less greasy version; we make them with charro veal, which gives very tender fillets," explains Carlos Rodríguez, CEO and third generation at the helm of the brand.

In that quest for excellence, they

wanted to find a chef who understood their concept


"A year ago I met

Iñaki Bretal

, (O Eirado da Leña, 1 Michelin star), a Galician chef who masters the sea and seafood wonderfully. When I proposed it to him, it seemed like a challenge," recalls Carlos.

They have done a multitude of tests for the fillings and to find the right batter.

"The Raza Nostra butchers have also been a fundamental part of the whole process, as they were in their day with hamburgers."

Chef Iñaki Bretal.

Once the meat is cut, it is checked that it does not have "fibers or anything that could harm the bite," explains Carlos while Manuel Medina, a butcher manager with 35 years of experience, cuts fine fillets with absolute precision.

Afterwards, the "flattened -or flattened- is made, which enlarges and makes the fillet finer. We also immerse it in milk to soften the meat."

With the salt and the spices, the base is already in place to start filling.


They opened a couple of weeks ago with

16 versions of fillings


"We have eliminated the Serrano ham and replaced it with Iberian shoulder, which gives more juiciness," says Carlos.

They have the classic, but they also risk in combinations such as Lo petas, where they add black pudding, pine nuts, Iberian shoulder and petazetas.

The Cantabrian, which has shrimp, mozzarella and guanzale, and the Galego, with pork shoulder with turnip greens and spicy chorizo, have been very well received.


The Swiss emmental

- of course, from its neighbor Bon Fromage - is the cheese that most suited us."

The cachopos are made one by one by hand.

The batter is essential

so that the cachopo is crunchy and not excessively heavy. "Iñaki I have made a mixture of different breads and treatments that have achieved a tasty and balanced result," says Carlos, who is already thinking of new combinations, with Manchego and blue cheese as the protagonists. "We always try to have a balance in the flavors and there is not one that kills the rest," adds Carlos.

The pandemic forced them to step on the accelerator throughout the digitization process.

Now, you can even have a virtual queue to avoid crowds in the market through its website or make orders by WhatsApp (687 32 35 48).

"Now we want to launch a club with Bon Fromage and De Bellota."

And they have just reopened La barra de Juan, a market bar where they serve cachopos from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., and they make some peppers and a tall tomato salad to accompany them.


: Mercado de Chamartín (Bolivia, 9).

Stalls 34-35-36-37.

They come in three sizes: minicahopu (80-100 gr. From 1.95 euros), cachopin (225-240 gr. From 4.70 euros) and cachopu (450-525 gr. From 9.75 euros).

They have delivery.

Telephone: 687 32 35 48/91 457 15 41.

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