Microsoft's takeover of Discord will not happen.

Discussions undertaken since March by the American giant and the discussion platform, which has 140 million active users each month, have been stopped, according to information from the

Wall Street Journal

released on Tuesday.

Discord was on the verge of being sold at the end of March.

Several buyers were then in the ranks, such as Twitter.

But it was Microsoft that seemed best placed in this acquisition.

The platform would then have been valued at more than 10 billion dollars, specifies

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Discussions were underway and finalization was due this month.

Initial Public Offering

The negotiations would have finally been broken by Discord.

The platform would have changed its mind, preferring an IPO.

The platform previously dedicated to gamers, but which has hosted many other users since the start of the pandemic, generated revenue of around $ 130 million in 2020, up from $ 45 million the year before, according to the report.

Wall Street Journal


Still, Discord is not completely closed to a future buyout.

The Redmond firm saw this as a way to expand its presence after the failure of "Mixer", its platform specializing in game streams, which closed in July 2020. This is also a new setback for the American giant after the failed takeover of TikTok last year.


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