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It's time for current affairs critic Hyun-Jun Go's news.

What is the first news today (21st)?

<Ko Hyeon-jun/Sisa Critic>

A massive


tall building in Liaoning Province, China, has fallen into a slide for tourists, causing the authorities to suffer.

It is a giant sculpture called'The Ring of Life' installed in Fushun, Liaoning Province in 2012.

With a diameter of 170 meters and a height of 153 meters, it is enough to overwhelm people just to look at it up close.At the time, this work was made by the design director of the Shanghai landmark Oriental Pearl, which attracted more attention.

The production cost was also KRW 19.2 billion, but since it was just an admiration, there were many voices of criticism from the beginning.

But now, nine years later, it has become a slide for tourists. There is a no-entry sign, but the part of the slide has already turned black to see how many people have climbed.

Regarding this, social media pointed out that "there may be abrasion due to frictional heat" and "the sculpture is too high, and if it rolls and falls, it can cause serious injury", and the local authorities announced that they would install a fence around the sculpture later.


No, there are some Chinese people who go up on such a sculpture, but no, isn't it okay to have the fence over there?

<Ko Hyeon-jun/Sisa Critic>

That's right. Some point out that this would have been a fence that had been prioritized, but the most important thing would be the safety of tourists.


That's right. What's the second news?

<Ko Hyun-jun/Sisa Critic>

The next news is the American story.

In Florida, USA, a plane participating in an air show made an emergency landing to a crowded beach.

The plane, which flew as if it could touch the water, managed to make an emergency landing on the sea.

On the 17th, an airplane during an air show in Florida, USA, was out of line due to an engine failure.

The pilot steered as far as possible to be as uninhabited as possible, and the plane that descended safely landed in the sea without anybody, as it narrowly passed over the heads of the swimmers.

Fortunately, no one was injured and the pilot was known to be safe.

The accident plane was a fighter used by the US Navy during World War II, and after extensive restoration, it has participated in the air show since last year.

The organizers of the air show praised the pilot's proficient flying skills, saying that it prevented serious accidents without harm, but local media reported that citizens at the beach at the time were amazed.


Still, I'm really fortunate that there was no damage.

What is the last news today?

<Ko Hyun-jun / Current Affairs Critic>

Did you ever hear the last news today,'Kimchi Warrior'?

Ten years ago, this character was created by the government for a kimchi promotion project, but it has not been popular so far, but it is gaining new attention against the distortion of the kimchi culture in China.

Kimchi Warrior is an animation character created in 2009 to promote Kimchi with a head of cabbage and a flame reminiscent of the spicy taste of pepper.

The graphics were rather plain, and the story was poor at the time, and at the time, it was criticized for being an irrational number of the government improvised to promote kimchi.

However, thanks to the steadily spreading the excellence of Korean kimchi to the world over the past 10 years, it has recently begun to attract attention from netizens due to the distortion of the kimchi culture in China.

On the 13th of last month, they uploaded a video of the naked pickled cabbage that caused Chinese kimchi phobia and dealt with the hygiene issues of Chinese kimchi. “I am a public relations ambassador.”